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True Confessions of a Terrible Parent!

Apparently, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, I raised my 4 sons completely wrong. I admit, that my kids did every single one of these terribly dangerous activities...and they did it with joyous abandon! They also used sharp tools to garden, ate food...

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Watch-Birds of the South!

I don't know about other areas but down here in Appalachia, we have watch birds!  They have a dual purpose on our farm...their favorite food to eat is ticks along with other bugs!  Works for me!  However, they are the UGLIEST birds you will ever meet - they ALWAYS...

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Welcome!  It's been a long time coming (and working with 3 different people) to finally find someone who understood my vision and my passion for this herbal, homestead life!  She started from scratch and built this beautiful place in just a few weeks - amazing! ...

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