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Should you consider Irish Dexters for your homestead?

Have you heard of Irish Dexter Cattle? Irish Dexters originated in the southern part of Ireland.  They were brought to this country in the early 1900s. Dexters are the smallest breed of cattle - they are not a miniaturized breed...God just created them smaller! They...

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Meet Tiny!

Our surprise baby has a name...Tiny! She got that name from my 6 year old grandson. When he met this little calf he was so surprised to see how tiny she was...and he told me we needed to call her we did! Actually we named her Tiny Mattea - which means Tiny...

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The Great Homestead Cow Adventure Part 2

After spending Friday chasing cows, I was looking forward to a restful Sabbath the next day.  It certainly started out that way.  I was able to do some studying, nap a little and then about 4 pm the Farmer came and told me that he thought Toolie was laying on a brown...

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