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Watch-Birds of the South!

I don't know about other areas but down here in Appalachia, we have watch birds!  They have a dual purpose on our farm...their favorite food to eat is ticks along with other bugs!  Works for me!  However, they are the UGLIEST birds you will ever meet - they ALWAYS...

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Welcome!  It's been a long time coming (and working with 3 different people) to finally find someone who understood my vision and my passion for this herbal, homestead life!  She started from scratch and built this beautiful place in just a few weeks - amazing! ...

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Dear Marketing World….

Dear Marketing World, I know you are infatuated with me.  This is obvious since you can't stop calling me, mailing me, emailing me and even texting all hours.... even when the world is sleeping you are trying to sneak a little time together.  Shame on you! I...

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