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Dear Marketing World….

Dear Marketing World, I know you are infatuated with me.  This is obvious since you can't stop calling me, mailing me, emailing me and even texting all hours.... even when the world is sleeping you are trying to sneak a little time together.  Shame on you! I...

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Tuesday Herb Talk ~ Plantain!

Plantain (Plantago major) is by far one of the herbs I use the most. It grows everywhere and you can usually find it year round.  It never really disappears during the winter but the plant goes almost “dormant” …very little growth in cold weather. As the weather warms...

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Please welcome the new addition to our homestead!

Call us crazy! (you probably should!)  The Farmer and I felt the homestead was missing something, and we are practical people, so we decided to make that our anniversary gift to each other this year.  Yep! We bought a new critter. Trouble is this particular critter...

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