I’ve been working the last few days on my new products coming out in just a few days! Consider it my fall surprise for y’all.  I have finished three of the four scents.  One more to create today, get it labeled and shrink wrapped and we’ll be ready to roll. I’m so very excited about this and I hope it will be something y’all will love.  Local reviews have been great! You’ll want to use it several times a week!

I’m also working on an article about essential oils.  I want you to know the truth because there is SO much misleading information out there!

There are things being presented all the time as “natural” and good for your body when in reality they are just chemicals…they call this green washing (making things sound “green and healthy” when in truth there is nothing “green and healthy” about it). It really concerns me! Knowledge is power and I intend to fully inform you so you can make healthy decisions and hopefully so you will know when you are being blatantly lied to “snowed”.  Someone tried this on me this summer. Fortunately, because I’ve used essential oils for so many years, I didn’t fall prey to the scam.  I wonder how many others did that day!

I will post this article early next week but I also intend to create a permanent page both here on my blog and on my website. I think it is information that needs to be within easy reach of my readers who care about what they use on their skin.

Soon to follow that article will be one on the truth about colors, pigments and micas.  Just amazing!

September is almost here and fall is already in the air here in Tennessee!  It’s very early this year but we have had several cool days and cool nights – can’t remember having my windows open in  August before!  My fall soaps will be unveiled in the next couple of weeks.  They will be available through the season but will disappear sometime before spring.

I think we may need another soap contest if y’all are up for that.  Watch for that happening soon!

Elijah is still busy working on pictures and doing a great job.  We are getting close to having everything updated and I’m happy with his creative eye.

Oh….remember that GINORMOUS caterpillar he found?  Remember he wanted to keep it because he said he “could tell”  it was going to go into it’s cocoon soon?  Well, the very next day that thing made a cocoon.

I am waiting with baited breath to see the lovely creature that is unveiled (not) but Elijah tells me that will be sometime in spring. Just think…several months to prepare for the unveiling of another Mothra…oh joy!