We were blessed to get a little helper with our new cow…no, she still doesn’t have a name…

Meet Huey!

Isn’t he the cutest thing?  Huey usually keeps the front two quarters (largest ones) empty for us.  Leaving us to milk the back two quarters…with the smallest teats in the WORLD… and we still get around 3 gallons of milk!

However…Huey was indulging a bit too often in her milk  and ended up with scours.  He has been separated from his mama for the last 3 days while we correct that situation.  He loves his mama and is calling for her loudly at the top of his lungs often 24/7!  Tomorrow is the last day of separation and I think we are looking forward to the reunion more than they are! They can touch noses through the fence but he can’t reach that milky goodness!

Josiah is building a milking area in our barn for our lovely lady since she doesn’t fit in our milking parlor. Hopefully, we will have our milking machine back early next week to alleviate some of the time the boys are spending milking.

In case you didn’t notice, there is something special about Huey!

Do you see it?