I’m talking about my social media guru (aka my son Jeremy).  He’s been working here at the farm lately and talking to me about the fact that I’m a social media dinosaur.  I told him I was on Facebook…is there more?

Evidently quite a bit more!  So as he drags me kicking and screaming into this century, you’ll be able to follow me on Twitter here “@thetnfarmgirl” and on Instagram at “thetnfarmgirl”. You can also just click on the buttons at the top of the sidebar…easy peasy!

I hope you’ll join, or follow, or subscribe or whatever the correct term is (bear with me friends….it’s all new to me!). And I’ll try to be diligent to keep you up with pictures and tweets – there is an amazing amount of stuff going on around the farm because the Farmer is busy from sun up to sun down!

If you can’t find me there, let me know and I’ll be glad to let the guru know!


PS:  Thanks Jeremy!