2016 looks to be packed with adventure! There is so much happening on our farm and in our lives, I don’t know where to begin! Here are some of the adventures that are on our horizon…

In just a few weeks, we celebrate our first wedding anniversary! We are making some plans for that special day and we are so very grateful to our Father for bringing us together!

I’m looking forward to making my end goal with my weight loss program.  When I am done this year, I will have lost half of me 🙂  I’m close to my goal and hope to be there sometime this summer! For those of you who have asked, I’ve been using the Trim Healthy Mama plan along with a blend of essential oils that curbs my appetite and supports my health!

The hole in the ground is beginning to look like this…

IMG_20151211_172036290_HDR With all of the rain we’ve had here the last few weeks, I expect to look out and see a moat around the addition! This week, we expect a roof to go on…pictures coming soon!

The Southern Gentleman and I have been given the opportunity to take a trip to Israel this spring during Sukkot! We are hoping it works out but just the possibility of it makes it hard to sleep some nights! Neither of us have ever been, but the thought of going during one of the Appointed Feasts is exciting!

The garden is expanding! I am very excited about this! The seed catalogs are arriving and already I am itching to get started.  Hard to believe I will be in the greenhouse in just a few months! The Southern Gentleman is keeping it in good order for me! He and Jeremy are busy adding amendments to the new section and mulching with well rotted leaves and straw in anticipation of spring!

IMG_20160103_120742661Notice the evidence of some demolition here on the farm – that seems to be the favorite part for the guys! More on that later…with amazing pics and video!

The Southern Gentleman is working on fence lines with the help of the boys this winter…we are trying to get ready for cows this spring! And, no one enjoys chasing cows who’ve gotten out!

We have goats again!  This spring we will have babies bouncing around the barnyard again! Just think…. goat’s milk…and cheese…and soaps…oh the possibilities!

IMG_20150530_112732301 (1)This was their first day on the farm!  If you could hear them, they would be saying “Who are you? I want to go home and see my mommy!”

They might have come to us just a wee bit barn spoiled!  They seemed to expect to lay around in the barn all day eating grain and hay provided by the servants…hhmmmm…that would be us! We had to lock them out of the barn so they could enjoy sunshine and green grass. We are also working on manners….and are making progress slooowwwly! We are making some changes in the milking parlor so the Southern Gentleman and I aren’t trampled when we feed them!

RFD-TV paid me a visit!  I haven’t watched network TV in almost 4 decades…so I didn’t recognize the name when they called and I thought it was a hoax.  It’s all very exciting and still a bit “hush-hush” but I’ll share as soon as I’m allowed!IMG_20151203_193129461I’ll be speaking at a large health symposium here locally next month!  I’ll be teaching a class on using essential oils to support your health, another on converting your typical medicine cabinet to one with more healthy, natural choices and another on improving your health by making nutrition and lifestyle changes using the plants and herbs our Father gave us!

We’ve had the privilege of sharing with many people how essential oils can help them improve their own health and strengthen how their body functions.  I’ve been teaching for years on herbal remedies… everything from teas to tinctures and now we are finally able to add essential oils to that list!  It is so exciting to watch someone try something new and then find that it really works for them! If you are interested in working to improve your health or your family’s health, please email me and we’ll be happy to help you get started living life more naturally!

My career of homeschooling is coming to an end.  I’ve been homeschooling now for 28 years and I’ve loved it all…wwweeeellll…almost all!  Elijah will graduate from high school on May 14th!  I can’t imagine life without homeschooling…I think I’m an educator by heart! It didn’t matter if I was  homeschooling the kids, teaching others how to make soap or teaching them how to create their own herbal remedies. I just love sharing and teaching! Now I plan to fill  some of that time helping others who want to learn how to take control of their health and live more naturally!

My heart is full of gratitude to my Father….the Giver of all good things!

What’s on your plate for 2016?