So…we were supposed to get a couple of inches of snow.  However, the storm forgot to quit when it was supposed to and we got almost a foot of snow. This is not supposed to happen here in beautiful Tennessee.  We live in the south for goodness sakes!

It is beautiful coming down but it certainly messes with a construction site.


And the animals!

The cows and goats kept to the barn – they don’t like rain and certainly didn’t like the snow.  It is probably the first time the goats had ever seen it and I would have to say they were terrified not impressed.

The chickens wanted to head south.  In fact, we caught Mr. Roo trying to steal the Farmer’s gator the next morning. We believe he was planning to take his favorite ladies and head for the beach!  Good thing the Farmer doesn’t leave the keys in the ignition!


The Farmer kept us warm with this wonderful invention – our home has never been this toasty! I’m so glad he brought it with him from his little mountain cabin!


Me? I kept the bar-b-q going! Rain? Storm? Blizzard? When it comes to bar-b-q nothing stops us down here in the south…it’s just how we roll here in Tennessee. Those organic, grass-fed burgers from our homestead tasted great!

IMG_20160120_164323532_HDR (1)

And the morning after the storm?  Breathtaking!


That morning the farmer and I cautiously headed for the mountains to celebrate our anniversary!  On the way out, I saw the icicles hanging off of Miss Blue…they sparkled like diamonds!


How did y’all survive the “blizzard of 16”? Our prayer is that everyone came through safe and sound!