We’re in a season of change here on the farm….so many things are happening it’s hard to keep up!

Our addition to the farmhouse is almost done…just a few little things left to do here and there…it’s been a long road.IMG_20160522_173853214_HDR

We started this last October and hope to be completely finished before the end of this month.  The weather certainly worked against us…rain, rain and more rain.  The wettest winter in the last 17 years! I felt so sorry for our builder as he tried to keep moving in such awful weather.

My mama has moved in with us and is trying to get settled into her space.  Just last week, we began moving up from the basement (where we have lived for 17 years!) into the new addition.

Space! Space! Oh! The glorious space! To go from a living space of 15 x 14 (that included living room, dining room and kitchen!) to a large great room and spacious kitchen is amazing. On Memorial Day, my whole family gathered, along with friends, and sat comfortably at the same table! We had to mix and match chairs but it was wonderful. There was room for all the adults to relax, room for grandbabies to run around and the kitchen…glorious!

IMG_20160530_162832164My “baby” turned 18 this spring…and stands over 6 feet tall! He is an amazing young man, kind, compassionate, tender-hearted, fiercely loyal, hard working with a great sense of humor – he’s just fun to be around and I really enjoy my time with him!

And because of the above, my homeschooling career of 28 years has now officially ended!  My youngest has graduated from home school high school!  He graduated with a 4.0 average and completed many dual enrollment classes – he now has quite a bit of college credit under his belt!

I collected books and curriculum for  28 years and if I had the room I would have kept a good bit of it. However, I decided to offer it to our local home school community for free. We filled 7 book shelves floor to ceiling, several tables and had quite a few other shelving units and boxes filled with books, educational toys, games, manipulatives and more.  We advertised, opened our doors and I am thrilled to say when it was all over not one single thing was left…not.a.single.thing! I was so happy that they did not end up in a thrift store or garbage bag…it brings me joy to know that those things will be used to teach another generation!

It’s been a bittersweet spring…although I will miss teaching my kids, I am enjoying teaching others how to live simple healthy lives using herbs and essential oils! I love teaching and am so thankful that I have the ability to share what I’ve learned over the last 35 years with people who desire to live a healthier life with “Simple Solutions”!

While change has been happening in our personal lives, we’ve had change happening in other areas too! Our essential oil business is growing so rapidly I can hardly keep up! We are converting the walk out basement (our previous living space) into a classroom for teaching about essential oils,  herbal medicine, soap making, canning, gardening and more! It’s going to be wonderful when we finish getting it ready! I will be able to be at “work” yet just be a few steps away if my mama needs me.

We were also hoping, by this time, to have some changes done to our store front on line and this blog. We ran into a few bumps along the way and had to take a detour but I think we are back on track now and hopefully before long, you’ll be seeing a “whole new me”! We’ll open with fanfare, contests and give aways!

I have one more bit of very exciting news! We will be adding a new member to our family!

Meet Mira….she’ll be joining us the last day of June….don’t those eyes just melt your heart? She’s four weeks old and I’m trying to prepare myself for puppy potty training once more 😉