Life is busy. A homestead life is even busier.  You work hard and most of the time it’s dirty work. Whether you are mucking the barn or helping baby goats there is plenty of poop to deal with!

We have found that it is important to take a break now and then. We did that recently. Elijah asked to take us on a hike to Sill Branch Falls. It wasn’t a hard hike – a bit hot and muggy but the incline wasn’t bad. We hiked about 1/2 mile to get to the falls. We were next to a running creek most of the time as we headed for the waterfall. Sill Branch Falls is in the Cherokee National Forest between Erwin and Greeneville TN.

In this picture, we are headed back down the trail.IMG_20160604_144205884We were there after a fairly long dry spell but the waterfall was still beautiful!

IMG_20160604_144415480Find a nice flat rock and be sure to “dingle your toes in the water”. It’s what my grandma always used to say when we went to the lake!

IMG_20160604_144402765The water was refreshingly cold on a muggy day. I only wish I had packed a picnic lunch!

Here is Elijah stacking rocks. He’s a little over 6 feet tall if that gives you some perspective.

IMG_20160604_145626068We definitely want to go back…perhaps after a good rain! I’ve read that the falls are really impressive then.

Take some time this weekend and enjoy your family!

Do you have a favorite waterfall?