Call us crazy! (you probably should!)  The Farmer and I felt the homestead was missing something, and we are practical people, so we decided to make that our anniversary gift to each other this year.  Yep! We bought a new critter. Trouble is this particular critter took some time to get.  In fact, we got on a waiting list before she was born. Like last year sometime. The breeder is in high demand because she does such an incredible job. When you are looking to add to your homestead, it is always best to purchase the best you can afford…or wait until you can afford the animal of your choice. We put down a deposit last year and by the time she was born we had saved the rest of the money.

We’ve had her for about 10 days now and we think we made a very wise decision.

Meet  Mira!

13339642_1018794974822417_7603442179475392055_nHer full name is Shamira – which mean guardian and protector in Hebrew. This is one of her early puppy pictures. This breeder keeps you “in touch” with your puppy before you pick her up!

Here is what she looked like the day we brought her home.

IMG_20160628_113118118_HDRI was sort of dreading this…I remember raising other puppies…oh! the howling at night!  Mira did not disappoint….the first night.  I believe in crate training and she slept in her crate, next to the bed.  I spent a good deal of the night dozing with my fingers in her crate to comfort her.

The next night?  No howling…seriously! She slept until about 3:00 am when we took a potty break and then she went right back to sleep until 6:00.  Within a week, she was sleeping through the night…no potty breaks needed!

She had two accidents the first day in the house…but since then, she whines or goes to the door. I believe she knows her name, is semi-potty trained (as long as we pay attention to her cues!) and only howls when left alone. She understands “No!” and “Good girl!”.  We just might have gotten the perfect puppy! Well…there is that problem with puppy teeth…like NEEDLES! I think the puppy breath makes up for it!  Do you like puppy breath? Seems like people either love it or hate it…no gray areas there.

We aren’t going to crop her ears, even though boxers look beautiful that way.  We don’t want to put her through that….besides….they are soft as velvet and wonderful to touch!

We’ve had her just under two weeks and are thrilled with her.  So is my grandson who came to visit! This is their first meeting.

IMG_20160628_185541529He is her favorite playmate…oh!…and the cat. Don’t ask me why but the cat likes to wrestle with Mira. I know…strange.

She will be a big dog (bet the cat won’t wrestle then!) and hopefully a wonderful guardian.  Our guard dog Faith will be 13 this August.  She is going deaf, has cataracts beginning and her bones ache in the cold weather. I don’t know how long we will have her with us but hopefully Mira will take over when Faith can no longer do her job.

So what do you think…are we crazy?  Or just smitten completely with those big brown eyes!