Welcome!  It’s been a long time coming (and working with 3 different people) to finally find someone who understood my vision and my passion for this herbal, homestead life!  She started from scratch and built this beautiful place in just a few weeks – amazing!  Building a website is a lot like building a virtual home.  You want it to be efficient, easy to “walk” through and of course, we want it to be pretty! It sounds so simple, but truthfully, finding someone who has the ability to take your ideas and build something from scratch that works well, pleases the eye and is easy to use…ain’t no easy task! But KDesign certainly made it seem easy. Working with Kelly was stress free, quick and easy…I can’t recommend her highly enough and just look around….didn’t she create a lovely home? I look forward to coming here to this beautiful place to meet y’all on a regular basis!

Poke around a little and make yourself at home – there are many years worth of homesteading tips here…some of the pictures may not have survived the years but I’ll work on replacing those a little at a time.

This whole project started because someone told me that when they heard the name TNfarmgirl…they pictured a woman with a horse standing in a field of grain….SO not what I do!  In talking about it, someone mentioned that I’m just a mommy herbalist…it’s how I raised my boys, how I live my life and where my passion lies…herbs are amazing and they go hand in hand with homesteading.  When I began 20 years ago now, I hoped to become self-sufficient in as many areas as possible.  Have I aced it all?  Absolutely not…but I have learned so much along the way and now my passion is to teach others how to do the simple things that bring me so much joy.

I hope you’ll join me, now that I have a home again, as I share what I’ve learned in the past and what I am learning today.  We never stop learning do we?  Enjoy y’all and feel free to comment and let me know what you are learning…or what you want to learn!

Grace & Peace y’all!