We are harvesting our potatoes now and are enjoying them in a variety of ways. One of our favorite things to do is to make herbed potatoes. This is a quick and easy dish and if you are growing a variety of herbs, you never have to serve it the same way twice!

Here’s how I make them…wash your potatoes and cut into small pieces (about the size of a quarter).  Place the pieces in a bowl and when done cutting drizzle a wee bit of olive oil over the potatoes.  Toss well to coat the pieces.  Now the fun begins!

Pick the herbs of your choice, finely chop and toss in your bowl of potatoes. Toss again so that all of the potatoes are coated.  Add some salt, pepper and garlic – we like LOTS of garlic.

Just recently we did an “Italian” blend with our Yukon Gold potatoes.  I used a fresh red bell pepper along with garlic, basil, oregano, and rosemary. Once your potatoes are well coated, place in a shallow pan and bake until done.  I like the potatoes to be a bit crispy outside and tender inside.  I usually bake at 350 for an hour or so.

Here’s what they looked like the last time I served them!



Now…doesn’t that just make you hungry?
Other great blends are garlic and fresh dill, garlic and cilantro, rosemary and thyme, basil and sweet fennel, basil and oregano….the list is endless just use your favorite flavor combinations!  Adding finely chopped onion never hurts either….