My new line of pure and natural Salt Scrubs!

It all began at Dollywood! My family and some friends were visiting during their Bluegrass Festival.
In one area, there was a long line of tables with old fashioned washtubs and pitchers on each table. Being curious…I asked what they were for and before I knew it, someone was putting a spoon of pink salt in my hand.  I was instructed to rub my hands just as if I was washing them.  When done, warm water was poured over my hands and they felt wonderful!  I was informed that these scrubs were completely natural and chemical free. (….ahem…watch for my post on essential oils this week!) I was hooked!  Where had they been all my life?  Perhaps life on the farm has been a bit too sheltered!

I began researching, reading labels and trying things on the market.  Some of them were to “grainy”, almost painful! Often my hands felt “greasy” afterwards and I was left with the desire to wash my hands with soap to get rid of that greasy feeling. And some were obviously using chemical fragrances instead of good quality essential oils!

I wanted to make my own and make them better – without any chemicals at all. I wanted my hands to feel moisturized but not greasy.  I wanted my skin to absorb the oils quickly. I wanted to exfoliate, especially the difficult places like knees, elbows and heels, but without feeling like I was scrubbing with broken glass!

I began researching different sized grains of salt and their properties (table salt is cheap but not healthy) and different types of oils and their properties (olive oil is cheap but harder for skin to absorb). After many months of researching, I felt like I knew enough to begin to experiment. I began putting different combinations together. I wanted to create the most natural and healing salt scrub for my skin. I wanted it to be safe and healthy not only for myself but for my children and their children…and for you!

I began blending different oils together to see what combinations my skin could absorb quickly and which ones made my skin feel soft and supple the longest. I came up with two blends that I really liked…but that was just me.  It was time to start passing it around to my local guinea pigs, friends, family, church members and local customers who volunteer for these duties on a regular basis.  

The two recipes were quickly narrowed down to one. 

Then came the ultimate test.  I submitted them both for critique to a local artisan manicurist who had not only professional experience but many years of personal experience with salt scrubs.  I asked for the harshest criticism because I wanted to make the best salt scrubs available. I trusted this person to tell me the truth.  And then I waited.

Several weeks later, I received a written evaluation and I was excited!  “Don’t change a thing”! There were suggestions for packaging and labeling and how the instructions should read but the recipe was given a complete “thumbs up” by someone who knows her salts! It was a very exciting moment for me!

Then began the research into what container to use.  I knew it needed to be plastic for safety reasons.  I wanted an inner liner to protect the product. I wanted it to be attractive and to hold a good amount of product. My daughters were of great help and quickly helped me pick something functional and professional looking. They are salt scrub savvy ladies!

Then it was on to labeling.  I visited many label manufacturers online but just wasn’t happy with the limited selections I found.  I also didn’t need to purchase 500 labels of each variety!  And just as I was beginning to despair, I stumbled across a label I could make myself! 

Now I can offer my salt scrubs to you in  four varieties: Lemon-Lime, Lavender, Rosemary & Mint and an Unscented version for those who love salt scrubs but don’t want scent. I’ve also packed the jars with a hefty 6 ounces of salt scrub! That should last you for months!

The scents in my salt scrubs coincide with several of my soaps for those of you who like to layer scent. Lijah’s Lemon-Lime soap goes well with my Lemon-Lime salt scrub!  My Lavender Salt Scrub will go well with any of my Lavender soaps, and Remy’s Rosemary and Mint Soap is a great complement to my Rosemary & Mint Salt Scrub. And, of course, they are all made with only the finest ingredients and essential oils…these are truly chemical free!

I hope that you are as excited as I am!  You’ll find them all listed on my website today!