I know at this time of year, it is tempting to pick up a quick burger or some chicken nuggets while you are out rushing around.

Please don’t.  PLEASE don’t.

Please watch this video – just a few minutes…very informative and easy to watch.

Then learn about meat glue.

Then read Fast Food Nation. It changed our lives.

Then learn about GMOs. They are banned in most countries…but not here.

This was not food when I was growing up.  This is what corporate America considers food now.  Why?  Because they make more money when they sell you this stuff as opposed to real food!

Educate your children.  This is the food they are growing up with and it isn’t healthy!

It is at almost every restaurant…it is allowed in your children’s school cafeterias…and it can fill the shelves in the grocery stores. It is banned in most countries!

If it comes in a box, it most likely contains GMOs or artificial dyes or artificial sweeteners.

You can make different choices!  Change one thing.  Pick another and then another….before long you’ll be eating real food, healthy food and protecting your children from this nasty stuff.

It isn’t hard…really!