I’m teaching my class today on herbal medicine.  I thought I’d show you some before and after pictures!

Here are some of the herbs we get to play with today!

What’s that in front of all those herbs?


No one spends 5 to 6 hours in my house without eating something! Today it is dill and garlic cheese with a little bit of chocolate to follow!

Here are the students places. The herbs on the table are the herbs we study in depth today! The lemons are for Lavender Lemonade that we make and drink (yes! every drop!) in class.  We’ll also be having a cup of hot chamomile tea that we make in class.


This is my work area…I’ll use every one of these items to teach you how to make herbal remedies! We’ll be making (and taking home!) lavender salve, horehound cough syrup and a tincture custom blended by each student!

We’ll also learn how to make a maceration, compress, poultice, capsules and colloidal silver! Think of the money you can save!


And, we’ll dirty all of these pots….


Just imagine what this will look like tonight!

A lot of work goes into preparing for a class. There are things to purchase, books to print (now comb-bound with covers!), food to prepare….it takes at least a full day to prepare everything! This is one of the reasons a deposit is required to reserve your place in class!

I love teaching and am really looking forward to spending the afternoon making new friends and sharing my passion for herbs!

I’ll be having another class on October 5th and there are still openings if you’d like to learn how to make your own herbal remedies! For less than the cost of a typical office visit to your doctor, you can learn how to care for your family naturally.

“After” pictures (eek!) coming soon!