Remember how lovely things looked at the beginning of class?  Here’s a quick reminder!


Ready for class

Once class was over…and it was a fun class…. it looked like this…

The research corner doesn’t look too bad…this is where students can do some research before they custom blend their tinctures.  It is also available before and after class.


Herb Books!

The shopping table looks pretty good too…


Shopping…no shipping fees!

These are the 4 dozen herbs we got to play with….yes…it is like living in an “herb shoppe”!


Dozens of herbs!

You can see the plantain that the class picked for making our compress and poultice, a few red clover buds and the white thing is my essential oil diffuser that ran throughout class. I diffused rosemary and peppermint essential oils – they help you focus, help with memory and energize.  All helpful when you are learning new things!  Plus…the room smelled amazing!

Here is what is left of the cheese and crackers… and the chocolate…



Why is there chocolate left you may ask?  Because I forgot to pass it around (ack!!! so embarassing!) and evidently everyone was to polite to ask! I owe all of you students a chocolate truffle!

The student’s work area…


After class!

The remnants of creating colloidal silver (and having a taste of it),  and creating herbal remedies while consuming lavender lemonade and chamomile tea along with herbed cheese and crackers! (I can’t believe I forgot the chocolate!)  They were busy all afternoon!

A quick glance at the dirty pots…(looks like I was running!)


And then the real disaster zones….


Messy to the right…

I see lavender salve in the measuring cup, the remnants of making lavender lemonade, and empty jars of herbs that were poured out to create wonderful remedies! And that is just one side of the sink!

Here is the other side….


Messy to the left…

Lavender salve in the pot, the white bowl contains the herbs for a 4 Thieves Tincture that was poured out and then the herbs were wrung out!  The large silver bowl contained the remnants of lavender oil, Vodka in the back for making tinctures, beeswax pastilles for making salve and I see a few essential oils too!  The grinder in the front was for powdering some stinging nettles and creating capsules with them.  Those went home with a student who was suffering from an allergy!

And the worst of the worst…my sinks!


and messy in the middle!

And here we have little bits of everything…teas, a salve, herbal oils, a compress, a poultice, cough syrup and more!  Although it looks awful, it really isn’t as bad as it seems.  I worked on it till bedtime and will finish it up today.

It was a lovely class, I enjoyed getting to know new people, and getting to know some others a bit more!  Everyone was confident when they left that they could go home and make their own remedies.

I don’t let you leave unless you know you can do this…well…I’ve never kidnapped anyone but I do question all day, “Do you feel confident that  you can go home and do these things?” Students are always welcome to stay after to go over anything they feel they need help with or to do some research.

This class was really motivated…they were there to learn!

Sometimes I teach people who are mildly interested and then sometimes I have a class like this…they ask lots of questions, they dig, they use the books…they want to do this in their own homes! Those classes are exciting to me!

I’ll be repeating this adventure on October 5th at 1:00 pm!  If you are interested in joining us, please leave your contact information in the comments and I’ll be in touch.  The class is already half full  so reserve your seats before they are gone!

At the next class, we’ll be making a calendula salve, elderberry syrup, and custom blending a tincture for you!  We’ll also be making colloidal silver, capsules, a maceration, a decoction, a compress, a poultice and more!  There will be teas to sip and a snack (I’ll do my best to remember the chocolate!). You’ll go home with the salve, the elderberry syrup and your custom tincture, along with my book and a head full of knowledge that will enable you to care for your family naturally!