The Farmer found this beauty with low hours and a bucket on the front! Tractors aren’t rated by the miles…but by the hours they have been used. This is considered a mid-sized tractor but she is huge to us. This pretty thing was a steal!

But what took my breath away was the cab!

IMG_20150423_135237716_HDRAnd once I stepped inside I got absolutely giddy – look what I found!

IMG_20150423_141643955Know what went through this farmgirl’s mind?  After more than a dozen years on our old Ford, I realized that there would be no more hot sweaty afternoons bush hogging, no more bugs in my mouth, no more freezing afternoons plowing, no more bugs in my hair, no more sunburned skin, no more wind burned lips and so on….and joy filled my heart!

Seriously!  Heat and AIR CONDITIONING!  I remember one summer the boys and I were haying.  I was in my Suburban with the windows down pulling the hay wagon and the boys were tossing 80 lb. bales up on the hay wagon. The temp outside was 102!  Those days are over!

I’m not even going to brag about the cd player ( I. am. not. kidding!)

And to prevent any *ahem* mishaps – this lady is kept under lock and key…and a wee bit of surveillance just to be safe!

And who do you think got to have the first ride in Grandpa’s tractor?

IMG_20150424_110224074Yes… that little grandson who might have stolen The Farmer’s heart!  This little one watched Grandpa work hard to take a huge tree limb down today and when it hit the ground his eyes got huge, he turned to me and whispered “Grandpa can do ANYTHING!”. And I would have to agree with him!

I envision The Farmer getting a whole lot of farm projects done around here with this lovely blue lady!

And speaking of projects…The Farmer tackled a big one – near and dear to my heart!  Stay tuned to find out what The Farmer tackled first around our farm!