We’ve had goats almost non-stop for 17 years! You have to admit that goat babies are the cutest babies on the farm!  Take a look! Is this first little one not the cutest thing you’ve seen today?

IMG_20160405_075502620My boys used to call these airplane ears!

IMG_20160404_173101341 IMG_20160404_173121386Early morning sunbeams caught everyone still sleeping.

Oh! yes…that is a cat in the middle of the kids – she thinks she is a baby goat

…ssshhhh….don’t tell herIMG_20160409_110748553_HDRFree for all – little ones are playing together all.the.time!IMG_20160410_072203505_TOP

King of the Hill is their favorite game!IMG_20160410_072304408Waiting for the barn door to open!


Fighting for first place in the milk line!

IMG_20160403_074433251What does the Farmer have for me today?

IMG_20160405_075249623But along with all of the cuteness, there are things you need to be watching for BEFORE you purchase your goats or drink milk from the ones you may already have! Next time we’ll talk about those things from CAE to CL to crusty butt!