So…let’s take a quick detour from talking about goats to taking about those little surprises in life that sometimes come in a big yellow bucket.

IMG_20160620_145746183Elijah stuck his head in the door yesterday…he looked a bit odd.  Actually, about half of his body was in the door but his arm was still outside…AND…he had that look…I think all mother’s of boys know that look.

“Mom! Come here I want to show you something!”  I was already half way to the door but I stopped dead in my tracks. I’ve lived on a farm with four boys WAY to long and have heard those words WAY to many times.

Let’s just pause a minute and add this up…

A boy…living on a farm… asks his Mom to “come see” while simultaneously hiding what he supposedly wants her to see…all the while wearing that look…

In my experience (listed in order of frequency), it usually adds up to: 1.A snake,  2. A giant hairy, creepy looking spider, 3. some horrific creepy crawly or  4. some other scary and terrible creature  that is living on our farm with us.         

Oh joy. Let the nightmares begin.

Then I heard it….very soft and gentle…”peep”…”peep”…and I found my feet moving again.

Elijah had been working in the barn when he heard that same sound…at first he thought it was the guinea birds outside but he began to slowly follow the sound..and he found this…IMG_20160620_145815435IMG_20160620_145724746

Isn’t this the cutest thing?!  An Ameraucana hen had gone missing and we thought the coyotes had gotten her…but she had “gone broody”, made a hidden nest in the barn, filled it with eggs and hatched out a nice little family of chicks!

Now… who was worried about snakes?  Not me 😉 sssshhhhhh!

Elijah scooped up the whole family…mama hen, babies, unhatched eggs and nest and relocated them to a safer environment where mama won’t have to worry about snakes, coons and other predators.

And, for a few minutes in the middle of a very busy day, we all got to feel that joy in our hearts when we are confronted with sweet new life…even if it comes in a big yellow bucket!

IMG_20160620_145708344Thank you Elijah!  I love this homestead life!