Apparently, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, I raised my 4 sons completely wrong. I admit, that my kids did every single one of these terribly dangerous activities…and they did it with joyous abandon!

They also used sharp tools to garden, ate food from our organic garden without washing it first, used bows and arrows, rode hay elevators to the barn loft, rode on top of hay bales stacked to the sky while chewing on stalks of unwashed hay, butchered cows using knives almost as big as they were, butchered chickens using sharp knives, hot scalders and spinning pluckers, played in the mud, used machetes, rounded up steers who escaped to visit the neighbors and drove them home, fished and played in the pond on our farm, shot snakes and snapping turtles, climbed trees, played in our creeks, built wonderful things with saws, hammers and nails, worked with all manner of farm animals, cleaned chicken coops, mucked barns, helped birth farm babies whose mamas were struggling, rode horses with AND without saddles, and even…gasp!….drove tractors , cut hay, operated a windrower and baler…all when they were kids! They even did some of these things….{shudder}…BAREFOOT!

I also woke them up in the middle of the night in the spring so they could lay on the hay wagon under the open skies and watch millions of fireflies (Disney’s got nothing on us in the twinkle light category!) I suppose the AAP would say that I deprived them of sleep.

I’m surprised they are all still alive. I just had to confess what an awful mom I was…there…I feel so much better now!

What about you?

Grace & Peace,


Let Kids Be Kids

Tell your kids: Don't swim alone, don't get into cars with strangers. Then, let them live their lives.

Posted by PragerU on Monday, March 19, 2018