Our surprise baby has a name…Tiny! She got that name from my 6 year old grandson. When he met this little calf he was so surprised to see how tiny she was…and he told me we needed to call her Tiny…so we did! Actually we named her Tiny Mattea – which means Tiny Gift from God. And she truly was! However my grandson informed me that his nickname for her was Moo Moo! So…he calls her Tiny Moo Moo!

We’ve been working hard trying to make sure that Tiny is getting enough milk.  Toolie just hasn’t had much to offer.  We offer bottles but Tiny isn’t much interested.  We’ve tried a variety of nipples on the bottles but still not interested.

However, she attempts to latch onto Toolie every time Toolie stands up.  Since milk works on a supply and demand basis – we are hoping that eventually Toolie will produce more milk.  If not, we will continue to bottle feed as long as necessary.

Tiny knows right where to go but is still having trouble getting latched on and staying on. Toolie has so much patience – I’ve never seen a cow stand so perfectly still for her baby.  It’s as if Toolie knows how important this is for Tiny’s survival. In the meantime, we pray for Toolie to be able to produce more milk.

I worry because this little calf is still shaky on her feet and not doing all of the things that a normal calf would do…I just don’t think she has the strength. So, we continue to offer supplemental feeding throughout the day and night in the hope that she will grow strong and healthy!

Grace & Peace!