This is Coop!  He’s named that because he is King of the Coop – chicken coop that is!

He’s a sassy thing! Coop has ruled the roost here for several years.  Right now, he’s getting a run for his money from some younger boys. We raise most of our own flock.  We gather eggs, place them in our incubator and in a few short weeks, we hatch out babies.  This last batch of late baby chicks turned out to be several roosters and one hen.  Murphy’s law in action?

We now have 4 roosters vying for Coop’s position.  So far he isn’t giving way. The youngsters challenge him and Coop retaliates….then the youngsters turn tail and run…for now.  They are younger, smaller and less experienced. That will change one day very soon. We are planning to harvest three of the four and that will help things calm down a bit here on the homestead. 

Coop doesn’t really like to be in his coop at night.  It’s a constant battle.  He likes to hide out – on top of our Kubota (aka The Cow Machine, so named by a granddaughter!). 

It’s pretty scary when I go out at night and don’t realize they are there in the dark….you  start driving along and all of a sudden you hear the flapping of wings and you get a face full of feathers as someone joins you in the cab! Not an experience you look forward to late at night!


Sometimes he brings the gang with him… just a few chickens can make a HUGE mess.

You wouldn’t believe the mess left behind on this trailer!


But his favorite location to bring the ladies is our front deck! Look at that mess! Ugh!

This is a huge problem! I snagged this pic as I went out to shoo them off of the porch!

Coop may bring all the ladies but he’s the first one to take off when trouble comes!  This issue is a problem for several reasons:

  1. Everyone is vulnerable to predators – yes…sometimes we find a coyote that close!
  2. His “roost” on the porch is just a few yards from our bedroom and he’s an early riser!
  3. The mess left behind is HUGE!

We are working on solutions.  We are in the process of designing a new coop and placing it in a permanent location.  For the last 20 years we have used chicken tractors and we firmly believe there is a place for that.  However, I think we are ready for a permanent location, with some storage, for our chicken feed and equipment.  We will still utilize a chicken tractor when we need it and perhaps some “chunnels” (chicken tunnels) in the garden -so that they can clean the rows of weed seeds and bugs but can’t get to all those lovely red tomatoes!

Did you know chickens are attracted to the color red?  Unfortunately, they don’t just pick out a tomato to eat….they walk down the aisles and peck every tomato they can reach – just one peck…but you can loose a lot of ‘maters in a day when they manage to get in the garden!

Once construction begins, I’ll make sure to take pics, measurements and a list of items needed in case you’d like to build a coop of your own!

Coop always seems to be where he shouldn’t be – and we find his feathers INSIDE our home!  Sometimes I wonder if he has a key!  Here he is with his ladies, rummaging under our pecan tree and in my hostas!  Shoo!

I want you to notice the color of Coop’s comb in this video – we’ll chat about what that darker color means next time!

Grace & Peace ya’ll!