I will write in detail soon about our attempt at gardening differently this year soon.  Our garden was being consumed by Bermuda Grass and we haven’t found a natural way to combat that.  If you know one please share! We never used to have Bermuda grass – it just seemed to appear one year.

Yesterday Elijah began building the beds for our garden.  You can see a stack of them to the left.

Between rain and cold snaps it’s been hard to get things done around here. The greenhouse is full and I’m ready to get those plants into the garden so I can start some more seeds!

During the building we had some excitement!  This little guy was rescued from a cat by Elijah, put into a box so he could show him to me – we’ve never had a chipmunk up by the house – only on the mountain!

He escaped the box while Elijah was trying to show him to me, ran across the yard, under the truck and right into our cats. He was promptly nabbed by a different cat who took off for the barn with him. Elijah followed and managed to rescue him…again!  He was taken to the woods where he will have a chance to survive.  He was feisty and strong and  didn’t have a mark on him!

We had to stop building at one point because Katie  was going crazy around a block at the end of our retaining wall.

We moved the block and she managed to scare this little skink…she’d have eaten it if Elijah hadn’t rescued him.  Again…released into a safe place. Who knew Katie was a “hunter”!

Let the planting begin! Those beds are filled with pole beans for fresh eating – bush beans will come soon for canning.  Because bush beans tend to set at the same time it is more convenient for canning to pick them all at once and get the job done.  Lettuce will be added to the north side of the beans for shade through the heat.  I also use my back porch for that because it is in shade most of the day.  Just extends my season a bit:)