Katie, our new rescue dog, will probably appear quite often here.  She goes with me everywhere so she is always in the frame. Katie is still learning to trust.  She loves to be outside but we have discovered that she has three…count em…THREE addictions.

Here is the first…if we go outside – even just to take a walk – Katie ends up here.  She is crazy about riding in our fam vehicle. She learned the phrase LOAD UP after 2 or 3 uses. Sometimes I can’t get her out of the thing.

Second addiction…meet Tiger!  Tiger is one of our barn cats.  Katie doesn’t know what to do with a toy yet – she really is just now beginning to trust us enough to play just a tiny bit.. However, she does know what to do with the cats.  She ferociously chases them! They run to the nearest building, under the building, up a tree… in fact…they pretty much know to run when they see her now!  It does solve the problem of keeping the cats off the porch furniture (I’m allergic to cats but a farm’s gotta have cats!). But I feel sorry for the cats, I don’t know what would happen if she actually caught one – I don’t think it would end well for either of them. She evidently has a strange loss of hearing during the chasing of all cats.  She’s not going to “come” for nothin’!

And lastly…and the absolute worst addiction.  It embarrasses me to even mention it….Katie loves FRESH chicken poop.  She’s picky…she isn’t interested in that dry, dusty stuff dropped hours ago…she wants that really fresh stuff…AND…she isn’t eating it…SHE IS ROLLING IN IT!!!  Evidently Katie believes it is the best perfume available on the planet.  If we are out without a leash, and since we live on 45 acres we are ALWAYS outside without a leash, Katie finds the poop.  People…we have a lot of chickens therefor we have a lot of poop! (Did I mention I was a chick-a-holic?…I’m in recovery…my son doesn’t like me to go to the farm store unaccompanied. #don’t look in my brooder!

This has now become a daily, sometimes more, chore on this farm.

Help!  I need a plan, a suggestion. a tip…any dog trainers out there? I can live with the first two – but this last one is making me crazy!  I have always said “I have an herb for that” or “I have an oil for that”…this time I”m stumped!  Anyone else ever had this issues and conquered it?

Grace & Peace,