Soaps will be available for sale again Monday morning by 8:00 am EST.  There are quite a few new ones!  In honor of Texas you’ll find Texas Rose!

For those who love to fish…did you know they love the scent of Anise?  Bring the fish to YOU!

Love to cook?  Hate to have your hands smell like garlic, onions etc.?  Try Coffee Bean!

Do you have a chocolate lover in your life?  Try Chocolate Ice!

One of my favorite complexion soaps is Sweet Cheeks!

Does your job leave your hands dirty? I use this every day after working around the farm because it helps get the dirt out of the creases of my hands.  Meet Working Hands!

I mentioned a soap that I use at every sink when someone in the house came down with something or if we had a house full of company.  Peppermint Tea Tree has many properties that help get rid of the yuck that hangs around.

And lastly..if you are looking for a gentle exfoliating soap try Lavender Oat Scrub!

Here’s hoping you get the soap you want!