Starting in the morning (Monday, November 2nd) at 8:00 am EST, my little soap shop opens.  It is full to bursting – when we “open the doors” I fully expect soap and salves to explode right out those doors!

You will find Elijah’s new invention – Seafoam Sprucalyptus Shampoo Bar (sprook-a-lip-tus) made with spruce and eucalyptus essential oils and colored with tons of spirulina!  This shampoo bar has such a clean, fresh scent…I think y’all will love it!

My Ginger Snap Cookie has a new look – instead of swirling with cinnamon, I’ve swirled with ginger and like it so much more! It almost looks like a yummy custard!

Of course you will find plenty of Pumpkins Spice and Cinnamon Citrus Swirl on my shelves!

You’ll also find Head to Heels Peppermint Salve which is made with multiple butters and can literally be used from your head to your heels (my favorite place to use it – my feet!). Your feet will thank you!

I have several shelves that are packed like this with soaps and salves!

I am so excited to open my shop tomorrow! I have lifted limits to 5 of any one soap, 10 of the sacks of soap!  I just don’t believe that you can empty my shelves this month! I have fingers crossed that all of you can get exactly what you wanted this month without missing anything!

I hope you will choose my little shop for some of your holiday needs!  We are all using a ton of soap right now! Please consider choosing my healthy, natural options for family and friends. I truly appreciate your business! As always we mail packages out within 24 – 48 hours.  Everyone should have their boxes by the end of the week!

Happy shopping!