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Many years ago I made an amazing discovery…all those lovely bars of soap at the local store were not actually bars of soap…they were bars of detergent! The “soap” companies had actually removed the glycerin, because they could sell that for a higher price, and sold us the leftovers. The most important part of the soap, the part that moisturizes our skin, was missing.
As I began to investigate further, I found all sorts of nasty chemicals, additives, dyes, perfumes , etc., were added to our “detergent” bars. Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, and since what we put on our skin finds its way into our bloodstream, it posed the question of how this was affecting our health. The more I read the more concerned I became. All of these “little things” add up over the years when it comes to our health.
I began to study oils and what effect they had on the skin. Were they moisturizing? What other properties did that oil have? Did it lather?
Then I began to study essential oils in relation to soap…how they could benefit us, heal us, relax us or just plain make us feel good. I bought some basic books for recipes and searched the internet for the same.
I committed to making pure soap. Pure oils, no color unless it came from herbs, clays or spices. Pure essential oils instead of  fragrances (read chemicals)!  No preservatives and no chemicals of any kind. These were going on my babies and it had to be pure! I began with some simple soaps, my first was Castile, which is the purest, mildest soap, if made properly with only olive oil.
Then I began to experiment! I made soaps that lathered tremendously and soaps that invigorated. I made a soap for working outside that had essential oils that repelled bugs and had an exfoliant to help get the dirt off when I was  done working. I made a soap that moisturized the skin.
By this time I were having FUN! I noticed that we didn’t suffer with dry skin as we used to…our skin felt great! We gave them as gifts for birthdays and special occasions. The response was amazing. Now people wanted to buy my soap so they could give gifts…and they told people….who told people and thus my little soap making business was born.  I make about 100 bars of soap a month and create different scents as my inspiration or customer requests leads me.
Soap making is NOT difficult. You can do it in the smallest apartment or on a farm. You can make a small batch of just a few bars or make 40 bars at a time. I encourage all of you to try it. If you don’t know how, be looking for my Soap Making Made Simple book - coming soon!
So, remember to ask yourself….
Are you using soap?

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Avocado Dilly Bar, Canine Caress, Chocolate Ice, Lavender Buds, Rosemary & Mountain Mint, Sweet Cheeks, Sweet Relief, True Spanish Castile, Working Hands, Hook, Line & Sinker, Peppermint Tea Tree, Lavender Oat Scrub, Coffee Bean, Texas Rose


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